An Executive Search firm is a valuable resource for companies looking to hire high calibre employees. Using an executive search firm will mitigate the potential costs associated with a bad hire. The right firm will place a top performer who will inturn provide your company with a high return on its investment. In the end, it is the single best reason to cost justify the use of an executive search firm.

The purpose of proactive recruitment is to bring into consideration candidates that might not be otherwise be identifiable in the market. They may not respond to an advertisement simply because they are not actively looking for a new opportunity . The roll of Ken Malek Associates is to identify such talent and actively recruit them into consideration for your position. It opens up a whole range of candidates who might not have been aware of or shown interest in your opportunity.

The cost of a bad hire can be considerable. It can cost your firm time and money and its competitive edge in the marketplace. Tackling an executive search on your own can also distract your senior staff from managing and growing the business while they search for the most qualified candidate. And should the candidate not work out or leave of their own volition, the costs will escalate even further. Ken Malek Associates mitigates this possibility with its industry best guarantee. If a candidate leaves for any reason whatsoever within six months of their employment date, Ken Malek Associates will conduct a new search for a replacement at absolutely no additonal to the client.

Advantages Offered by Ken Malek Associates

1. Confidentiality

Using Ken Malek Associates provides confidentiality for the client if the organization does not wish its identity to be revealed. Our firm understands that finding the most qualified candidates to fill a key role in the company is not professionally accomplished through postings on a “job board” or social media on the internet. The best candidates may be currently working for competitors within the industry. Ken Malek Associates relies on personal contacts within the industry to identify the talent with complete confidentiality.

2. Handle all job search responsibilities

Ken Malek Associates will handle all aspects of the job search including candidate sourcing, preliminary reference checks of potential candidates, due diligence on the final candidate and compensation negotiations.

3. Recruiting is hard work

Clients looking for a unique mixture of experience and skills for a particular position will be well served using the reseach capabilities of Ken Malek Associates. Through original research, our firm serves as the strategic link in identifying previously unknown talent rather than seaching through an overused database of stale prospects.

4. Delivers results

Ken Malek Associates is the most reliable way for a hiring entity to secure the right combination of leadership ability, managerial competence, technical skills and cultural compatibility in a senior-level professional.

5. Hidden candidate market

Ken Malek Associates will proactively seek out executives who are satisfied in their current positions and who are not actively looking for a new opportunity but who may possess the skills and experience right for your opportunity.

6. Extension of in-house recruiting resources

It relieves the burden on your human resources department and provides special expertise that might not be available internally.

7. Your competitors

An executive search firm can explore all possible candidates within a client’s industry, especially those who might be working for competitors.

8. Due diligence

Ken Malek Associates has the resources to conduct a  thorough reference checking process including speaking to “backdoor references” as well as candidate provided references.